Every 8 minutes a property is burgled.
Don't be complacent
Have your alarm monitored by
Safegard Alarms.
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Only 1 in 8 burglaries were resolved last year, this causes serious pain through the loss of personal assets, major inconvenience and risk to householders and businesses. Every year 99% of the properties protected by Safegard's proven Security Plan have been saved from loss, both financial and emotional.


Since 1997, all of the properties protected by Safegard's proven Monitoring Plan have been saved from significant financial loss and emotional distress. The few break-ins that have occurred have progressed no further than the 'smash-and-grab' stage, thanks to the presence of the alarm and the threat of imminent Rapid Guard Response, and/or Police intervention.

Compare this with the many unprotected homes and businesses that have lost tens of thousands of dollars worth of property!

Since 1997 we've installed several thousand home security systems into homes and businesses in the Wellington and Hutt Valley Regions. These people have had their risk of burglary, intrusion, loss of productivity and emotional stress reduced to almost nothing!

Police & Insurance companies agree that the most effective way to prevent burglary and the outcome of loss and emotional trauma from happening to you is to have a Professional Security System installed – we would say preferably a Safegard Monitored Security System.

We offer a Rapid Response option – a professional security guard to your property in minutes.


We offer a range of security services to our customers, whether looking for residential and/or commercial solutions.

Residential Solutions

Choose from one of our alarm system options to keep your home safe and secure.

Commerial Solutions

A burglary in a business can mean a whole lot more than the loss of a few possessions.

  • Weekly or Monthly Reports
  • Early to Open Monitoring
  • Late to Set Monitoring
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No Landline Options

IP and Cellular Network monitoring solutions for Fibre, UFB and VoIP.

  • IP Monitoring
  • Cellular Network Monitoring
  • Solutions to Suit
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If an Emergency occurs, and you’re CONNECTED to Safegard, you can be assured of a RAPID RESPONSE from a Professional - a Security Guard, the Fire Service, and the Police or an Ambulance.

  • Locally Monitored - employing local people who know your alarm
  • Safegard have over 20 years of knowledge and experience in the Security profession
  • 24/7 Helpline available to monitored clients

What People Are Saying

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best customer service possible. Here are a few things our clients say about us...


Victim of Burglary

...after becoming the victim of burglary the week proir I was quite stressed and wanted assurance that I could leave my home without fearing the worst when I returned. I can't tell you the relief I now feel at having the alarm installed. It was the best money I've ever spent.


Happy Customer

Thanks for your excellent customer service...Friendly and very professional. Your technician did an excellent installation job in our tricky heritage house and left it very tidy afterwards


We only work with world class products and top of the line technology


Our 20+ year experience in the Security sector has honed our approach to be the best you can receive


We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service

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